School from Home Kit (for acne-prone skin)

Bryn Mawr Dermatology

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Products to keep your skin clear while adjusting to school/life online!

$118 ($131 value)

CLn Facial Cleanser:  strong enough to kill bacteria, yet gentle enough for eczema.  WON’T bleach fabric!

EltaMD UV Clear facial sunscreen:  our lightest-feeling sunscreen, great for oily skin!  Available in tinted and non-tinted.

Multi-HA Pads:  unblocks clogged pores, great for use on face and body!



  • Use CLn Facial Cleanser to wash face in AM and PM
  • Apply EltaMD UV Clear to face and neck after cleansing in AM
  • Swipe Multi-HA pad over face/chest/back in PM after cleansing.  Start a few nights a week as may cause dryness. Will increase sensitivity to sunlight.