Work from Home Kit - Deluxe (suitable for all skin types)

Bryn Mawr Dermatology

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28The same tried-and-true products as our Work from Home kit, but with our GLOSS weekly peel pads and our favorite eye cream and lip plumper to keep you looking and feeling extra-fabulous for those marathon video conferences and chats (even if you stayed up all night watching the news)!

$356 ($396 value)

Vitamin C serum:  great for dark spots, collagen-building, and giving an overall glow to your skin.

EltaMD Sunscreen of choice:  choose among EltaMD UV Clear (tinted or non-tinted), UV Daily (tinted or non-tinted), and Elements (tinted only).  

GLOSS weekly peel pads:  These “mini-peel” pads contain a combination of acids that will lift dark spots, refine pores, and smooth the skin.

Fortified moisturizer:  fortified with yucca glauca root extract for natural hydration,  as well ceramides, vitamins, and antioxidants to deliver smoother, softer skin.

Lumiere Firm Riche eye cream:  caffeine for puffiness, peptides for fine lines, hyaluronic acid to make the eye area instantly look refreshed and well-rested, and Vitamin C to deliver antioxidant protection !


Lip plumper:  Hyaluronic acid and ceramides to draw in moisture and repair skin barrier, peptides for collagen production, and an instant plumping effect to keep your lips looking healthy, hydrated and beautiful!


  • Apply 3-5 drops of Vitamin C serum to entire face/neck after cleansing in the AM
  • Apply EltaMD sunscreen to face and neck after serum in the AM.  You may apply makeup on top of the sunscreen if desired. 
  • Apply fortified moisturizer to face and neck in PM.  Can use in AM after Vitamin C serum, but before sunscreen for extra moisture.  
  • Apply GLOSS pad to face area in PM.  Start with 1 use per week. On first use, rinse off after 15 minutes. If tolerated, time may be gradually increased to overnight.
  • Apply Lumiere Firm Riche eye cream to under eye area in AM after Vitamin C, but before sunscreen.  Use in PM after glycolic acid pads and fortified moisturizer.
  • Apply Lip Plumper to bare lips, taking care to stay inside the lip line.  The product will cause a temporary tingling sensation. Plumping results last 1-2 hours.  Use throughout the day as needed.